Types and uses of knives

Every knife is not created equal. There are several types of knives that you can find in the market. Different knives are used for different purposes. It is quite necessary for a person to choose the right type of knife for you. Using the right knife for the right purpose is necessary as it can help you save from injuries. Shieldon knives are quite commonly used pocket knives.

Chef’s knife

The chef’s knife is one of the most used knives. As the name represents, chef’s knife is used by chefs. This is the most used knife. This knife is usually about 8-10 inches. However, these knives can be as short as 6 inches. This is the most used knife for slicing the food and preparing the food for cooking. It is important for a person to choose the right knife of the right balance and weight.

Paring knife

A paring knife is a small knife that is used for tasks on a smaller scale. This knife requires more precision to use. A paring knife is not used for cutting vegetables and hard things as this is a delicate knife to use. This is a lightweight knife.

Utility knife

A utility knife is another knife that is used for cutting purposes. This is a longer than usual blade. This is a narrower knife as compared to a chef’s knife. A common utility knife is 6 inches long and works well to slice knives and tender pieces of sandwiches and pieces.

Carving knife

This is an ideal life that is used to put clean and precise cuts. It is quite a commonly used knife that is used for carving. This is a 15 inches knife. This knife has a thin blade, and it tops the food from sticking to the surface. This is a perfect knife to use to cut turkey, pork, hams, or beef.

Cheese knife

This is a common knife that is used to cut cheese knives. This knife has holes. The knife having holes reduces the surface from contacting the knife. It is important for a person to know the sharpness of the knife.

Tomato knife

This is a knife that is particularly used to cut tomatoes. This knife is used to slice tomatoes as their skin is tearing. This knife has serrations on the knife of tomatoes. This knife helps give perfect slices of the knife.

Mincing knife

The mincing knife is a curved knife that is used for both hands and rocking the knife back and forth. This knife can also be used to minced meat, herbs, and vegetables. This knife can cut things into small pieces with minimum effort. You can get mincing knife, and a lot of wholesale knifes.

Decorating purposes

This knife can help to cut things into different shapes. This is a knife that is used for decoration purposes. For example, this knife can cut things into spiral and zig-zag purposes. These are some of the most significant things you need to know about different types of knives. 

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