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Useful Tips for Packing Antiques, Valuables, and Delicate Items

Packing your antique art pieces and other valuables is a tough task to do. The more expensive your items are, the more care is needed on your part to move them.

An individual is not an expert in moving the art pieces professionally. So, it is advisable to seek the services of packers and movers in HSR Layout to move your valuable articles or antique items.

Many movers also offer insurance on your valuable articles. This makes your articles completely safe from any unwanted damage. If you hire moving professionals, they’ll do their work in an excellent manner.

Luckily, you have great tips and tricks through which you can pack your antique piece smartly.

These tips will be easy to use for anybody who is looking for packing his antique items. Let’s understand these tricks one by one:-

Choosing Best Packing Supplies


This thin paper is considered the best for your arts and mirrors. This is a fine paper that is great protection for your artwork.

Telescoping Boxes (Cardboard)

These packing supplies are the best materials for packing your stuff. They protect your mirrors, large paintings, etc. These picture boxes are flat, large, and adjustable which makes them the best products to protect antique items and artworks.

Corner Protectors

These packing supplies are great for packing the corners of your artwork. This will protect the corners of the frames from any kind of damage.

Apart from the above packing supplies, there are other packing materials that are used to protect your antique pieces and artwork are:-

  • Unprinted newspaper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Moving boxes
  • Packing Large Delicate Items

Many people are stressed over not finding the best method to pack their large delicate items. However, the best boxes to pack them are heavy-duty picture boxes, mirrors, or canvas prints. Make sure to use masking tape in X position on the surface.

The process of packing the articles are as follows:-

  • First, wrap the mirror, canvas, or artwork in un-printed newspaper or brown paper.
  • Use bubble wrap to cover the front and back of the delicate items. Make sure to double wrap these articles.
  • You can use strong corner protectors to provide safety to the edges of these items.
  • Now, put the size in the picture box and seal it securely.

Packing Antiques

The packing process of an antique is much more difficult. The reason is that they are uniquely shaped articles. So, the best would be to wrap the foam padding around these items. This way, the foam will mold itself to the products’ shape. Now, you should wrap the antique items into layers of bubble wrap. It will ensure the complete protection of these items.

Get Insurance

Getting insurance for your packing materials is the best thing for you. This covers the artwork and the antique pieces you are moving to another destination.

So, make sure to get insurance before moving your delicate articles.

Creation of an Inventory

Making an inventory is also one of the important things to do before packing your antique and delicate items. If you prepare a list of these items, you can identify them quickly.

There are a whole lot of items that you need to pack before moving. So, making a proper inventory of such items is very necessary. Some of the items you need to pack are valuable collectibles, heavy mirrors, large paintings, etc.

Right-Sized Boxes

Collecting the right boxes is one of the most important things while packing your antique, artwork, and other valuables. Search for the boxes as per your packing needs.

If there are a few items to use, then opt for the small-sized boxes. On the other hand, if you have unlimited items, then opt for other large boxes. These boxes will be immensely helpful for you in packing these items.

You can also tie small items together and pack them in a single box. If you have to pack a frame, then make sure to take a box that is somewhat bigger than the frame.

Loading the Boxes in the Truck

Loading your box is not a simple task. You need to accomplish this task smartly.

This will prevent any kind of damage to your articles. While loading them, search for the right place where your boxes may not fall over.

Locating them at the right place will protect them from damage. Also, make sure to place the items on their sides.

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Go For a Systematic Packing Process

Wrapping the pictures, paintings and other antique items need proper planning on your part. You need to pack the items in a systematic manner. There shouldn’t be any loophole while packing these articles.

Make sure to use a soft material to pack your delicate items or antiques. Try to double pack these items to offer safety to them. It will save the articles from getting scratched or damaged.

Also, make sure to use padding to protect the edges of the paintings. Using old cloth, soft tissues, newspapers, and old clothes will be more beneficial for you.

Sort Out Your Valuables and Antique Items

It is best to separate your antique things before you pack them. Once you have sorted out your items, you need to plan their packing process.

There are some items that you need to carry with you. A few of these items include cash, medical records, important documents, jewelry. Even if you opt for packers and movers, try to take them with you only.

Hiring the Packers and Movers

If you are unable to carry your antique items yourself, then contact nearby packers and movers straightaway.

These moving employees are proficient in their work. They are aware of the excellent strategies that help them pack your products efficiently.

These movers know the right boxes to pack your items. They also know the first-rate packing supplies to use for your items. So, hiring them would be immensely beneficial for you.


Apart from the above-said tips, there are other tips you can use while packing their articles. However, if you don’t want any problem or stress, then hire packers and movers without any thought.

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