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What are the Characteristics of a Simple Moroccan Decor?

, Homeowners look for all sorts of ways to decorate their home in a unique and humble way. With so many options across the board, choosing what may be best for your home can be a real challenge.  A good idea is to narrow down your options from the number of styles that appeal to you. By choosing from modern or vintage design to sophisticated or abstract art, to cultural or chic interior- the choices are endless.  

If you’re in for something different, know that these days many homeowners are in for a simple, traditional style for their home, and have therefore developed a liking for the all-famous, Moroccan decor. Moroccan decor has all that it takes to add the extra oomph to your home. This fun style is super popular in modern homes with its vibrant colours and intricate mosaic and wood products, Moroccan design can be both dramatic and luxurious. 

If you’re interested in getting inspired by Moroccan culture and incorporating such a design into your home, keep reading as we go over the primary characteristics of simple Moroccan decor. Flooring can play a major role in recreating the Moroccan design, fortunately, there is a huge collection of moroccan floor tiles for sale, that you can sort and choose from for your home. Just the right type of flooring can only do so much for your home. 

Moroccan Decor Elements

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Vibrant Colours

Picture the Moroccan landscape when following a colour palette. Choose between shades of green, blue and turquoise to capture the surrounding oceans, silver and gold depict images of the desert whereas rich, deep reds and oranges conjure breathtaking and intense sunsets. For a Moroccan inspired room, we recommend that you envision an area with walls painted in rich colours like terra cotta or vibrant orange, furniture blanketed in red fabric with intricate patterns and several pillows and floor cushions tossed around with similar colors and equally busy prints and patterns. 

Chic and Luxurious Fabric

To encapsulate the comfort of a Moroccan setting, all the furniture from wooden tables and sofas to ottoman inspired furniture are low to the ground. This ensures comfort and casualness in a traditional setting. Don’t forget that the character of Moroccan styled furniture involves a rough-hewn look with delicate carvings and mosaic tile inlays. 

When selecting Moroccan inspired decor, you must feature a lot of lush and rich colors to your design. Alongside that, you will also need to add some busy yet intricate patterns. Drape luxurious fabrics around your furniture including velvet and silk to elevate your furniture instantly. 

Exciting Accessories 

For the Moroccan style oasis, you must be careful of the plants, accent rugs, mirrors and lighting that you are choosing. The right blend can really help you pull off the look you are opting for. For instance, for a traditional outlook, we suggest lighting the room in an old school way. Using lanterns and pendants of various shapes, made with stained or colored glass, carved wood and cut metal. Similarly, you can also make use of numerous floor cushions and hang fancy mirrors. Framed with deeply carved wood, wrought iron, mosaic tile or jewel embellishments. 

Remember the little details matter, so consider placing decorative copper trays over tabletops and pouffes and scatter tropical plants around wrapped in decorative and colourful baskets. 

Alluring Scents 

Adding the right scent to the room can really elevate your style and can enhance. The traditional atmosphere you are trying to recreate. To top off your Moroccan decor-inspired room. We suggest you choose from an array of incense, candles and diffusers containing scents. With prominent notes of spices like saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon. You could also opt for a sweeter approach by using touches of jasmine and ginger, oakmoss and clove, rose and orange blossom or even the musky hints of sandalwood. 

Feel free to play around with your sense of style and be sure. To keep up with these simple tips and tricks to nail the Moroccan inspired look you are aiming for. We bet after following all these pieces of advice your guests will trick themselves into thinking they’ve landed in Morocco!

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