What are the key benefits of having a QuickBooks file doctor?

If an error message appears on the desktop screen while opening a QuickBooks Desktop file, or if you see corrupted or corrupted list data while working in the program, stop and take a moment to take a deep breath. Don’t worry, you will get up and running right away through this solution mentioned in this blog where QuickBooks file doctor will be the go-to solution to assist you in fixing the hindrance! 


About QuickBooks file doctor 

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool developed for troubleshooting. The main motive to develop the QuickBooks file doctor tool is to assist users in effectively troubleshooting the errors and hence make flawless use of Intuit’s accounting software. 

Problems pertaining to QuickBooks file

  • Problems opening company files (Error 6150, Error 6000 82, Error 6000 305, Error 6000 301, Error 6147, Error 6130, etc.) 
  • Missing or blank list of customers, suppliers, or employee 
  • Network error when opening QuickBooks in-network or multi-user settings (H101, H202, H303, or H505 error) 
  • Company files are badly corrupted and cannot be opened, but sample company files (or others) File) 


If you encounter any of these issues, you simply need to download QuickBooks File Doctor to your computer. With a quick installation, the tool will automatically repair the damage.


Important Points to Consider Before Using QuickBooks file doctor tool

If you already have an existing version of File Doctor on your system, uninstall the previous version of File Doctor, download the latest version, and be the latest version. Please Confirm. Recent versions of QuickBooks Desktop, 

version 2015 and later, have an internal File Doctor tool built into the program. Cancel the workflow when prompted to run this tool. We recommend that you use an external QuickBooks File Doctor instead of an internal tool, as versions before are always the latest versions. 


Benefits of QuickBooks file doctor

QuickBooks Internal File Doctor is excellent at fixing 6000 errors and corruptions that are preventing you from opening your company’s files. The use cases for internal tools are more specific. If the external QuickBooks File Doctor tool is unable to repair the damage, it is recommended that you read the entire blog on how to use the internal File Doctor to understand compatibility and system requirements, limitations, and how to use the built-in tools. This will assist you to understand things in a better way. 

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How to install QuickBooks file doctor in Windows 10 flawlessly?

If you are using Windows 10 and have problems installing QuickBooks File Doctor, follow these steps:

QuickBooks File Doctor tool works only with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows as it is not compatible with QuickBooks for Mac. 


Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool 

  1. After downloading the program, open the qbfd.exe file. Probably to your desktop or download folder and follow the on-screen instructions to install File Doctor. 
  1. This tool will open automatically when the installation is complete. You can also open the program from Start or click the icon. 
  1. Use the drop-down list to find your company’s files, or click Browse to manually find the files on your hard drive. 
  1. In the first path, select Check file damage only and click File Diagnostics to apply the basic fix. 

If you suspect that your company’s files are corrupted, or if you see a 6xxx error (such as 6150, 6000 82, 6000 305, 6000 301, 6147, 6130), click File And select Network. In QuickBooks with multi-user settings, if you get an H202, H303, or H505 error (network error) in multi-user mode, select Check network. 

  1. When prompted, enter your company’s file administrator password to continue. If you are using an older version of QuickBooks (2011 or earlier), you will be given the option to update the file to the latest version by following these steps: 

Updating company files is optional. You can click Next to continue the repair from this point. 

For the first attempt, it is recommended to try troubleshooting with an existing file version without upgrading the version. We recommend that you wait for the repair to complete before updating the file. After updating a QuickBooks file to the latest version, you will not be able to open the file with an older version of QuickBooks. 


6 Let the File Doctor do the magic! This can take some time, so get up and stretch before doing other work. 

  1. If the repair is successful, you have the option to open the repaired file directly from the tool. 

If your computer has multiple versions of QuickBooks, File Doctor will ask you which version of the software you want to open.

Note: Even if the tool reports that the repair failed after the QuickBooks File Doctor completes the diagnostic, open the QuickBooks file to see if the problem is resolved.


Now that the files have been repaired! What’s next? 

Please take this opportunity to back up your files. Once the files have been repaired, it is highly recommended to back up your company files from the in-product workflow. We also strongly recommend that you save your company files and the generated backup files (.QBB *) to your removable hard drive. This is a manual process, so plan to perform this backup regularly. Perform backups at the end of each month, just before the bank collation, and save each as a date-specific version (eg-“QB Backup April 2018 Backup”). 


Final Words

Since QuickBooks file doctor is the best way to fix the issues, the Intuit QuickBooks users must download it. If you are facing any trouble then obtain support and assistance from QuickBooks Advisors. Or you can update QuickBooks Desktop at least once or twice a week to avoid QuickBooks errors. Doing this regularly will prevent potential bugs and compatibility issues. In case you want more information or assistance you can always approach QuickBooks payroll support.

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