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Who is the Insanity Workout For?

Insanity workout is designed for people who have the motivation to make a positive change in their life and are not quitters. If you are willing to dedicate a few hours a day to your health and fitness and are ready to cook for yourself, you can be a part of this program. If at any point, you feel that you will lose the motivation to continue with this program, you should look for an easier alternative.

So who is insanity for?

  • You have the heart to endure simple cardio insanity exercises. It is best that before joining, you take an endurance test to see whether your heart will be able to withstand the intense workout or not.
  • You hold the ability to quickly get through some simple exercises because if you can’t do so, doing the hard ones will be tough for you.
  • If you do not suffer from any aches in your joints or other places, you can make it through the program, or else the exercises involved might worsen them for you.
  • Your lifestyle allows you to be a part of this program because if it does not, it will be tough for you to be a part of this program for 60 straight days.
  • If you believe that you are dedicated and motivated enough to go through the entire 60-day program, you should go right ahead and enroll.

Does Insanity Work?

You will find a straightforward answer to does insanity work by looking at a person who has been in the program for a week, as you can start seeing the results of the workout within that short period.

Shaun T insanity workout guarantees that you will lose enough weight and become beach ready in just 60 days. Even if you read the insanity workout reviews of the people who have been through the program or even ask them, they will say that the program may have been tough, but it has been extremely useful at the same time. But does insanity work? Rest assured the program does positively impact your health and fitness. After the tough 60 days are over, you will find that the program has made significant changes not only to your body but also to your life. You will be healthier and can carry out your daily activities more easily. Plus, this program will encourage you to keep yourself fit even after it has ended.

Insanity Results

If you are an entirely dedicated person, you will begin to notice the results of the program within the first week. You will see that you have lost a lot of weight, and almost all of it will be your fat mass. Your clothes will begin to loosen up and by the end of the workout, you will need to change your entire wardrobe. The workout ensures that you attain your desired weight loss target and gain stamina.

The best part is that now you will have more strength and agility and you will be more determined to live a healthier life. This program will encourage you to change your entire lifestyle which will then revolve around healthier living.

Within the first few days only, you will start to feel your muscles tighten up and get stronger. The insanity reviews encourage you to keep a regular check on yourself to make sure that you are healthy and doing great throughout the program.

Insanity Before and After

If you are wondering what an insanity review will tell you about the before and after of the insanity workout, you should know the following details to understand the difference the insanity workout will make on your body.

Your stomach muscles that may have been flabby before will start to tone up and you will feel them getting tighter, leading to a flatter stomach. You will also achieve leaner legs and your posture will straighten up.

Insanity Workout Schedule – Summary

The insanity calendar is pretty intense, though it may not seem so when you are only reading about it. Breaking down the schedule into two months, you will find that the first month is relatively easier than the second one.

In the first month, the exercises are a bit easier and their duration is about 30 to 40 minutes, but the exercises keep getting tougher every day. You will get to do a new exercise almost every day and it will require more strength. You will also have days that you will be doing cardio and days where the central theme will be recovery; even that is not easy to do and will feel exactly the opposite of recovery.

In the second month, the duration of the exercises will increase and so will the intensity. You may have to work out for almost an hour, after which you will feel exhausted enough to want to quit, but shortly after, you will feel determined to do it again. The exercises differ in this stage as well and keep getting harder.

You will be working six days a week for 60 days, but don’t worry, you will get Sundays off. There will also be a rest week included for you before Shaun T drills you again. Though your days will demand a lot of physical activity, the results of the program will make up for all your hard work. I did a complete workout schedule review you can view here.

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