Wonders Of Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is out and away from the foremost intriguing journey. WHO may have unreal that humans would evolve most that sometime we might virtually walk on water? Well, a minimum of on the frozen watercourse whereas the water continues to be flowing at a lower place than the frozen ice. It’s not walking on the frozen watercourse that’s astonishing. But, the extremities hooked up to the current journey that creates it is extraordinary. So, what are the actuality wonders of this Winter Wonderland?

The Frozen Zanskar Watercourse

Zanskar may be a watercourse of the Ladakh region, that is fashionable for its distinctive colour. Although, it’s even enticing in its frozen type. The chadar trek starts from Chilling to Shingra Koma. this is often another uncommon spot to look at chadar for the primary time. it’s settled a U- formed section of the watercourse, that offers the foremost beautiful sight of the Zanskar and also the mountains around. The vasoconstrictive rush then simply keeps rising that every breath as you walk on the skinny ice. you’ll see through this ice layer and watercourse flowing below it if you’re lucky!

Walking on the puzzle of the frozen items of the watercourse is sort of a nightmare and one in every one of the dreams comes true!

Wonderful Experience

If walking on the frozen watercourse is that the real journey, then the chadar trek offers several perks too. On the manner towards Tibb Cave and Nerak, you’ll spot several waterfalls frozen in time. simply keep your eyes open, you would possibly spot a drop of the water frozen in time. Everything around the watercourse is going to be cold, hard, frozen. Even stuff you carry can tend to become ice onerous. Be it your drink, your used socks, tents. Take something to the chadar and it’ll freeze them!

Weather Conditions of Chadar Trek

You can solely imagine the magnitude of the cold to stay everything still in time. The temperatures are remarkably extreme. It ranges from -10 within the daytime to -30 degrees at midnight. Nerak is going to be the coldest place wherever you may pay the night. you may quench for heat, however, any degree of heat won’t fulfil. strive to carry layers, covering up, you may forever be cold. Nights are going to be the worst. Despite all that, spectacles a day or perhaps at midnight are negligible ahead of any degree of cold. you may relish the peacefulness of frozen nature.

Discovering the Unseen

However cold it’s going to be, simply attempt to look into the night sky. you may get to expertise heaven. within the night sky, the mountains are seen from chadar are prodigious. they’re virtually out of the planet. obscurity on Earth can one realize such a spectacle.

We know that Ladakh is a dry region. solely on the chadar trek, you may get to witness the legitimacy, serenity of the arid mountains. Brown, barren mountains beneath the shining blue and its reflection on the skinny ice of chadar. you’ve got discovered the unseen!

Into the Unknown

Mountains are unpredictable, we all know that. What if the trek route itself disappears? however shocking is that? Right, generally the chadar breaks and your sole path to run on the watercourse vanishes. Then you’ve got to run over the rocks and hike sort of a traditional trek or generally even cross the cold watercourse. Well, it’s unsatisfactory. that’s why we are saying nature is unpredictable.

Even if the chadar doesn’t break, the ice structures keep moving. The path of a chadar isn’t equivalent. it’ll differ even when you’re going back from Nerak. Now, this adds tons of spice. you’re not solely walking into the wild, however, you’re conjointly walking into the unknown.

Into the uncomfortable

As if walking on the ice is easy! it’s not in the slightest degree the cakewalk. Standing straight on ice may be a challenge initially. Even with gumboots, it takes time to urge won’t to the technique and walk properly while not worrisome the chadar.

Walking are often down, however adjusting to the cold is associated with the everyday challenge. in spite of however onerous you are attempting, everything freezes, your water, contact lenses, food, tents, socks become onerous. The cold slows down your every movement. generally once the chadar breaks, you may be asked to run through the watercourse. Right, within the intense cold, gushing water. It brought goosebumps solely with the thought of it!


Well, the chadar trek isn’t solely walking into the unknown, however, it’s conjointly really walking into the uncomfortable. however, that’s the complete purpose of a happening associate journey like chadar. 

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