4 Tips on How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

Owning a diamond ring is such a wonderful feeling. Diamond rings bring extra sparkle and beauty to your fingers. However, owning diamond rings also means that they may get dirty sometimes. While exposure to dirt is unavoidable in everyday life, this does not imply your ring has to suffer.

For this reason, your diamond ring should be cleaned on a regular basis. Maintaining your diamond ring has numerous advantages. It will provide you with a long-lasting sparkling ring.

How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are one of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry on the planet. They are ideal for engagement rings as well as wedding rings. However, they require special care to preserve their radiance. Your engagement ring will become dirty if you wear them every day.

Lotions, oils, and makeup will leave a thin layer of dullness on your diamond engagement ring. The sparkle in a diamond is caused by light penetrating the diamond, moving to the base, and reflecting back to the eye. The light will be restricted if it is dirty.

1. Examine the Ring to See if it is in Good Condition

Before you begin cleaning your diamond engagement ring, examine it closely and assess its condition. Are the claws firmly gripped? Are the diamonds in their settings shifting?

If this is the case, take the ring to a jeweler immediately so it can be cleaned without causing more damage. They will not only know how to clean it correctly, but they’ll also be able to repair any problems.

One way of ensuring that your diamond ring is always in good condition is by buying from trusted dealers. Getting your diamond rings from trusted vendors means low chances of damage. Even if there happens to be any damage, you can take it for repair.

2. Use Water and soap

Plain soap and water is the best method for cleaning diamond rings, regardless of the setting or metal type. To make the solution, mix very warm water and basic dishwashing soap in a small bowl. Based on how dirty your ring is, soak it for 20 to 40 minutes. Use a very soft toothbrush to discard any residue from any substance like makeup or perfume.

The best ones to use are those without any rubber bristles. Children’s toothbrushes are typically softer. This makes them perfect for cleaning diamond rings.

Separate this toothbrush from the others and use it only for your rings. This way, it will remain soft and tidy for a longer period of time. Brush the lower portion of the diamond because dirt can accumulate around the bottom of the ring where the diamond is placed.

Rinse the ring with warm running water and repeat as needed. Don’t forget to plug in the sink to keep your ring from falling down the drain.

Chlorine and other harsh chemicals, as well as some approved jewelry cleaners, can damage your engagement ring. It is critical to thoroughly rinse your ring after cleaning to remove any soap residue.

3. Dry With the Right Fabric

Endeavor to use cotton or linen cloth to dry your rings. Unlike paper towels, these fabrics will not bruise the metal. You can also let your diamond ring dry naturally.

4. Avoid Using Harmful Ring Cleaning Products

There are a lot of popular cleaning solutions that people may believe are suitable for cleaning diamond rings. They can, however, be extremely harmful.

Never use chlorine bleach and abrasives such as toothpaste or baking soda on the jewelry. Some of the metals used for engagement rings can be damaged by bleach. Also, abrasives can scratch both the metal and the diamond.

When buying a jewelry cleaner or polisher, it’s critical to do your homework. If the solution contains any chemicals, your diamond ring may lose its color or durability. Get a top-notch jewelry cleaner that can polish and revive rings made of any metal.

What If the Diamond Ring is Extremely Dirty?

If your diamond engagement ring is extremely messy, fill a little glass halfway with floor cleaner and soak it overnight. This will help release any stubborn dirt. It will assist you in making the cleaning simpler while causing no damage to the ring.

Similarly, you could use vodka to clean your diamond ring. This distilled spirit has the capability to loosen the dirt attached to the diamond. Thanks to the ethanol content! Fill a shot glass halfway with vodka and soak your diamond ring for several hours. Allow the ring to dry naturally.

Where Can I Have My Engagement Ring Professionally Cleaned?

If you purchased your ring from a local jeweler, professional cleaning is almost certainly included as a lifelong complimentary service. It is best to have your ring cleaned where it was purchased. The jewelers will be the most knowledgeable about your particular ring and how to care for it.

Speak with the jeweler who will be handling the service when searching for a new location to take your ring for cleaning. Look for someone who has expertise caring for jewelry identical to yours in materials, age, and structure. It also helps if they have knowledge of the piece you own.

Tips to Care For Your Diamond

It is critical to understand how to clean a diamond ring correctly. But then, it is also vital to understand what you should never do when cleaning a ring. What you don’t want is damaged or short-lived rings.

  • If you know, you’ll be doing something strenuous, remove your ring and store it somewhere safe. Your ring is a delicate piece of jewelry and must handle it with caution. If you hit your ring hard enough, it may chip the band or weaken the setting.
  • While cooking, take off your ring. Food and some other oils could get trapped in your ring and discolor it. Food may be difficult to remove from the ring, depending on the setting of your diamond.
  • Thick moisturizers and lotions can cause residue to accumulate on your ring. This can cause your ring to look and feel dirty. It will also discolor as a result. Mainly if your band is white gold or platinum.
  • If you have a warranty, you must keep up with your maintenance appointments. Take the initiative and have your ring examined by a jeweler. This can avert diamonds from falling off. Furthermore, it will correct any chip or dent issues.


It’s necessary to look after your engagement ring because it holds so much sentimental value. You wouldn’t want time to take a toll on something as special as your engagement diamond ring.

In this article, we’ve discussed several ways for you to clean your ring at home. A great tip is to start with the first one and make your way down the list. If the first one works, you won’t need to do the next one.

If you have any doubts about whether a cleaner or polish is suitable for cleaning your ring, consult a professional. They’ll know what to do and they can inspect your ring for any further damages that they can fix.

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