6 Tips to Boost Your Washing Machines Efficiency

It’s not only about looking for an energy-efficient washer that can help you save energy, but the correct functioning and proper usage of these washing machines also plays an important role. 

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for Haier washing machines or any other branded washer. Take a look at some helpful tips that will help you to use your washing machine as efficiently as possible:

A Front-Loading or Top-Loading Washing Machine

The amount of electricity consumed by washing machines depends on how you utilize the washer. Front-loaders require less water, but they have a long wash cycle; on the other hand, top loaders consume more water but have shorter wash cycles. 

If you utilize hot water to wash, then top loaders use more energy because the electricity required to heat water is higher than the energy needed for the motor to operate the washer. If you choose to use cold water for washing, then front loaders will use more power because they run longer washing cycles.

Washing Machine Size

Whether you are considering a Haier washing machine or any other branded washing machine, make sure that you are aware of the suitable size of the washer that you will need for your daily requirement because the larger the washing machine, the more power it consumes.

BEE Rating

Whether you are considering a Bosch or Haier washing machine or any other reputed washer, we strongly suggest opting for a model with a BEE 5-star rating. The higher the BEE stars are, the higher the product’s energy efficiency.

A washing machine should be loaded optimally

Always make sure that you use the best loading capacity of the washing machine because the energy used will be the same regardless of whether you load the washer with a higher or lower cloth load. 

P.S.- You can efficiently use a small cloth load if a washing machine has an automatic load sensor or is equipped with an inverter motor, as those advanced washers are energy efficient and consume electricity as per the cloth load only.

Right detergent and correct amount

Choosing the right detergent for your washing machine is vital because a bad detergent could require several cycles to properly wash the clothes, leading to a wastage of energy and water. 

If the amount of detergent is not appropriate, then again, the washer will require multiple wash cycles. Many detergent manufacturers provide special detergents suitable for washing machines. Make sure you buy the best one.

Reduce the amount of heating

The cost of washing can rise by as much as 90% when the water is heated. Overheating can also damage your clothes. Whenever possible, use cold water to reduce the amount of electricity your washer uses.

People in India are using regular dryers (instead of mechanical dryers), which use heated air to dry their clothes as opposed to spinning at a higher speed in their washers which can save electricity.

The power efficiency of mechanical drying will always be higher than that achieved by thermal drying. Also, front load washing machines are more efficient in spinning. 

Drying clothes in the sun or in the natural air is the most eco-friendly method to reduce electricity consumption. It cuts down on the usage of drying cycles in the washing machine or dryer unit.

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