7 Must-Know Factors About Dog Boarding

There is no doubt that your dog is the closest to your heart. You always take that extra step in providing them with all the warmth and attention required. Then why be inattentive while choosing a boarding for them? Many dog parents end up keeping their fur babies in improper boarding houses. That results in their pets being treated in a dissatisfying manner. Understanding the stress and struggle involved in finding the perfect dog boarding, this article covers mandatory factors to be considered before opting for one. 

#1 Distinct Rules and Regulations for Every Kennel

If you have opted for a new boarding place, knowing the policies and rules the new place offers is crucial. Speak to the supervisor and ask questions about the following:

  • Types of food they are offering along with the frequency 
  • How they implement walking and engage in playtime
  • Objects that your pet can bring from home
  • How do they manage a situation involving a medical crisis 

These are merely a handful of instances that need to be inquired about. Apart from these, there are plentiful factors to raise questions about. Prepare the same before visiting the new kennel. 

#2 Mandatory Vaccinations For Your Dog

The majority of reputed boarding places make it mandatory for your dog to be vaccinated, failing which, you might be unable to get them admitted. The reason behind such a strict policy is to ensure that your dog is in good health. Only verbal promises will not work; you might need to submit the vaccination proof to ensure entry. 

#3 Compulsory Parasite Inspection

It is pretty likely for a virus or disease to spread across the kennel just from one pet. Therefore, the kennel owners insist on examining the dogs before allowing admission. 

#4 Ensure Your Dog is Offered an Open Space

Every dog boarding offers plenty of space to all the pets staying there. They are presented with spaces to eat, sleep, and relax without disturbing the peace of other pets. You need to check with the owner about the policies related to the socialisation of pets. Also, strictly ensure that not more than three animals interact simultaneously. 

#5 Scrutinise the Cleanliness of the Boarding

Numerous pets reside in the boarding simultaneously, which ought to lead to untidiness. However, a premium boarding facility will still incorporate strict cleanliness measures to keep the area clean. When visiting any kennels, review if they smell fresh and if you are getting a neat vibe. 

#6 Assure They Can Qualify for Medication 

There is a high count of dogs who need to be medicated every day. Therefore, while visiting kennels, you need to ensure that the staffs are knowledgeable and skilled enough to administer medication to your pet. Furthermore, you also need to specifically query about the immediate actions they will undertake in case your pet falls sick. 

#7 Control Your Emotions While Dropping Off Your Dog

Another important factor to consider while dropping your dog in boarding is to get a hold of your emotions. As a dog parent, you already know how empathetic they are. They will instantly understand even a hint of emotion passing from your face. So, keep the goodbyes simple and sweet. Your paw baby will feel more at peace. 

Choosing a dog boarding facility can undoubtedly be a struggle. But, if you know the facts above, making a hassle-free decision becomes more convenient. 

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