All You Need To Know About Retaining Wall Foundations

The main purpose of building retaining wall foundation is to hold back the soil of your premises. It is easy for the soil to create erosion in your area if the soil is sloped downward. Therefore, a retaining wall provides support by resisting the lateral pressure.

Before we start with the advantages of building a retaining wall, let us first know something else.

Retaining Wall Foundations

How many types of retaining walls are there?

Primarily, there are three main kinds of retaining walls. They are as follows-

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Stone

How to choose the materials of retaining walls?

When building a retaining wall foundation, you can choose the materials based on various factors. It completely depends upon the location you want to build it on, your aesthetic preferences, and mostly how long you want your retaining wall to sustain. And, we prefer you to choose the best quality materials. For example, if you need a sleek, modern wall, you should choose poured concrete rather than choosing a stone.

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What are the advantages of retaining a wall foundation?

There are various advantages of building a retaining wall foundation. We have made a list of advantages of the benefits.

It works as a structural support

The retaining walls act as a support system that helps the soil to be in place. These walls are mostly built in places with small hills. In such places, the wall acts as a barrier and keeps the soil sliding downward in the landslide. This supporting feature makes the retaining wall a necessary element for safety and well-being as well for houses. Additionally, there is a wide range of options to choose from depending upon the support amount required.

Prevents soil erosion

In landscapes, erosion is prevalent; it can be due to water or wind. This problem makes retaining walls more useful in landscape areas. In landscape areas that do not contain many shrubs or trees, becomes difficult to hold the soil in place. Therefore, the retaining wall foundation provides the necessary support to the soil. It holds back the surface runoff. This also reduces the water traveling speed and therefore the erosion becomes less.

Provides flood control

The retaining wall foundation is also responsible for flood control in landscapes. Drainage pipes and channels are installed in these areas to ensure proper drainage. However, the retaining wall helps in reducing the gradient by terracing. The water get soaked in the soil and does not run off the ground.

Improvement of aesthetics

You will be amazed to see how a retaining wall foundation changes the aesthetics of your house. The material you want to use it completely upon you and depends on the place. For example, the combination of the stone retaining wall and landscape amplifies the beauty manifold. You need to choose the material as per your surroundings and choose to get a beautiful result.

It adds space to your yard

Mounds and hills look great although they reduce the functional space of your yard. Therefore, with the retaining wall foundation, you can get some functional space where you can easily implement new ideas. You can make it a playground for your children or do the planting and many more.

Retaining Wall Foundations

Adds value to the property

When you decide to sell your property, surely you will profit something more from the retaining wall foundation and there is no doubt about it. Now you invest some and will surely get some more return.


With this article, now you know all the things about retaining wall foundation. Choose carefully the material and what goes best with the surroundings. Terracing your space not only ad space to your space but to your aesthetic beauty.

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