Best Eco-friendly Resorts Near Dubai Desert

Resorts Near Dubai Desert

Dubai is the most famous city, and it has a lot to offer visitors. Dubai is not only known for its wide range of luxurious resorts, but it also provides people an opportunity to explore the Desert in style. The desert safari Dubai is a fantastic experience. The tourists always prefer to visit the Desert and enjoy various excursions. Usually, they choose to live in the nearest resort. Fortunately, several luxury resorts have been built for the ease of people visiting here from all over the world. Among them, the following are the best and with eco-friendly features in them and they will leave you impressed.

Top 7 Resorts Near Dubai Desert to Stay

Le Reve Hotel and Resort

With 24 beautiful rooms equipped with modern amenities, this resort is very close to Dubai’s Desert. The hotel has an excellent selection of entertainment and food to keep you occupied for the duration of your stay. You can book this resort online for better discounts and offers.

Al Montazah Grand Resort and Spa

Another famous five-star resort near the Dubai desert is Al Montazah Grand Resort and Spa. This fantastic hotel provides people an opportunity for desert safari Dubai. It gives them access to several places near Dubai, including water parks where your children can have a good time while you visit these fantastic resorts. During the night, guests can enjoy music at the discotheque while sitting in the lavish sitting areas. The hotel also has several swimming pools to offer to enjoy water sports during your stay here.

For interesting things about Desert Safari in Dubai

Montgomerie Dubai

Montgomerie Dubai is one of the best resorts near the desert safari in Dubai. These fabulous tours place visitors right in front of an exceptional view of the Desert, which looks fantastic, especially at night. The resort has several rooms equipped with modern amenities for guests who love to stay in style while visiting the deserts. There are also three outdoor pools to have a refreshing dip during your stay here.

Desert Safari Dubai
Desert Safari Dubai

Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

Whenever you’re looking for the best resorts near the Dubai desert, your search ends at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. This lovely hotel is located very close to the famous holiday destination Jumeirah Beach where you can spend some time relaxing and enjoying sunbathing on the pristine beaches. The rooms that people get here are fully equipped with modern amenities to have a comfortable stay while exploring all nearby attractions in style. You can also choose this resort because it has a lot of indoor and outdoor activities during your stay here.

Al Maha Desert Resort

This is another luxurious resort that gives people an opportunity to go on Desert Safari Dubai while staying at this fantastic five-star resort. It has a banquet hall which offers perfect locations for having dinner parties and other special events at this resort. You can participate in water sports activities regularly organized by the hotel staff, including kayaking, jet-skiing, etc. The resort has a kid’s play area inside the resort where they will have lots of fun even while you relax. There are also camel rides organized inside the resort premises, which add to your desert experience.

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort

For those looking for a fantastic diving experience, this is the best resort to visit near the Dubai desert. The hotel has all types of modern amenities and luxuries a traveler requires. There are several places inside the premises that you can visit, including Minaret, the highest point in the resort that gives stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Ras Al Khaimah mountains. At night time, people enjoy sitting in the open dining areas to enjoy food while gazing at this beautiful view outside. There are also rock pools available inside this resort from where you can collect some fantastic seashells and take them back home with you.

Al Hamra Fort Desert Resort

This is a fantastic resort where you can enjoy several activities including camel rides, bicycle riding and a lot more. There are also several places inside the resort for people to visit to enjoy their trip here. The rooms in this luxurious hotel have been designed to provide all the modern amenities you might need during your stay here. You can book this fantastic hotel awarded numerous awards from various travel magazines worldwide.

Final Words

So these are the best hotel resorts near the Dubai desert that offer high-end amenities for travelers and are eco-friendly. Whether inside or outside these hotels, you can participate in various activities. If you want to explore the fantastic features of desert Safari Dubai, then you must visit these popular resorts during your visit there. This is the best way for travelers to have a smooth stay while exploring Dubai.



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