Custom Hair Extension Boxes Does Not Have To Be Hard. Read These Ideas

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Are your company professionals brainstorming for new ideas to get sales? If yes then read this blog post to know some magnificent ideas to boost your sales. Your main focus should be on availing custom hair extension boxes because people don’t see the quality of the hair extensions initially but they do see and get attracted towards the outer packaging.

So, transform the outer look of hair extensions packaging by following the below-described ideas:

Material Selection is Crucial

Without choosing the durable material your box will not look good. If you are choosing any low-quality material box and your artwork ink gets spread then your box cannot create an impact on the shelves. Because your box will look of low quality and so the internal placed hair extensions will be also assumed of low quality.

So, selecting the high-quality material through affordable will make your boxes look of high quality and so can your hair extensions too. There are various kinds of materials available in the market. You can select from the following listed materials

  • Corrugated
  • Cardstock
  • Rigid
  • Kraft 

Drawer Hair Extension Box style

The drawer-style hair extensions box will be an awesome idea. You can nicely add a hair pattern on the box in a die-cut window style. Then add the loop at the opening of the box. The loop will be helpful for the users to open the drawer box in one go.

Further, incorporate the handles on the box so the customers can easily carry the hair extensions from one place to another.

Add Patterns

Without the addition of the patterns, your hair extension packaging boxes look tedious. So, add the colorful floral patterns on the box to make them look eye-catching

You can also choose an abstract pattern addition such as straight strip lines in gold foiling. By the addition of this feature your boxes will look so attractive on the shelves that it will shine from a great distance.

Specify the Usage

You have to tell your users how to use the hair extensions. You can specify the information by adding infographics.

For instance, at one side of your box you can create an infographic of a person holding the hair extension, then in the second infographic tell how to put hair extension on the hair and in third illustrate how the user can remove the hair extension after the usage.

Coatings Are Magical Addition.

Add the coating on the custom hair extension boxes to change the future of your brand. Without the addition of coatings on your boxes your artwork will not stay and your boxes will look of low quality.

So, go for adding all the attractive coating according to your hair extensions theme. The popular coatings available in the market are matte, glossy, satin, pearl, metallic, aqueous, etc.

These all coatings will lock the ink of the hair extension boxes and will create an impactful impression on your customers at their first glance.

Hair Extension Boxes play an important role in highlighting your product in the market place. Kwick Packaging is best for the marketing of your products. Get minimum prices on wholesale orders & free shipping all across the USA.

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