5 Crazy Creative and Eye-captivating Packaging Ideas for Vape Cartridge boxes

Just wondering about the most recent purchase you did Now just think that why did you select that brand? Was it an impulsive purchase or was it something you genuinely needed?

Now you might be wondering that the outer packaging convinced you and made you interested in that product. So, the same is the case for encasing your vape products.

According to 2018 World Health Organization data about 41 million people utilize e-cigarette daily. Adults often vape to replace tobacco toxicity. Moreover, it was expected to reach 55 million vape users by 2021.

If you are manufacturing vape products then focus on your branding and Custom vape cartridge boxes as well.

Read this blog post to sketch out one of the best ideas to entice your packaging for vape cartridges.

1.   Use Patterns

Go for utilizing patterns on the custom vape cartridge boxes. With the addition of the pattern feature, you can step up the outlook of the boxes.

For instance, you can select a base color for your vape kraft boxes and go for adding colorful strips on the background in italic style. You can utilize USA flag colors as well. However, this flag color scheme will give it a quality, all-American feel and the tools speak for themselves.

2.   Utilize All Available Place on the Vape Cart Boxes

Simplicity is key, as less is always more. The simple design on the box holds a true feel within the packaging. However, you can go for selecting earth-toned. Therefore, the recycled material gives off an earthy feel, which is solidified with the feather illustration. Moreover, the addition of the bright pops of color on the labels lends to the design nicely, which brings out the modern twist to the vape cartridge boxes.

3.   Complement Your Vape Packaging

Ensure that your outer design praises the vape product that’s inside. The vape cartridge packaging box which looks simple and natural is more eye-captivating. However, you can see all the parts and pieces that you’re getting before you purchase it, so it gives off the impression of transparency and being proud of what you’re selling.

4.   Be Artistic

If you want to be playful regarding your vape packaging, take the step. You can make your boxes incredibly playful, yet still simple. However, the illustration interacts with the product but still lets it shine through. Go for adding illustrations related to the vape products. You can add an illustration that how vaping is less harmful for health as compared to tobacco cigarettes.

Further, you can also add packaging various font styles on the vape boxes. A font is the most essential component you can embrace to enhance the outlook of your vape boxes.

5.   Be Comprehensively Bold

Try on using multiple colors and shapes in an interesting pattern to make your brand stand out. In order to have the best vape cartridge packaging, you can hire a good packaging company. One of the best vape boxes producer nowadays is Kwick Packaging. Their packaging comprises these features and carries a very unique look. However, their custom boxes looks fun and playful and promises high sales for your brand if you choose it.

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