Disable Avast messages, popups and notifications

Everyone doesn’t want to be disturbed by a pop-up or software alert while playing a game or delivering a talk. Learn how to disable avast pop-ups, messages and alerts.

To Disable Avast messages, popups and notifications

We are sure you will appreciate the security that Avast Free Antivirus provides, however, when you’re delivering your presentation or playing a game that is important this might not be the most appropriate moment for a pop-up message to pop up. This is why we have made it simple for you to turn off Avast.

Set the Silent mode/gaming mode

You can activate the Silent or gaming mode for those who don’t wish not to interrupt. This causes Avast to operate in a silent mode when the application is running in full-screen mode. This means that your games or other applications that are full-screen won’t be interrupted by annoying popups or other notifications.

You can quickly turn on this mode by clicking right-clicking on that orange Avast icon that is located on the tray of your system. A brief menu will be displayed. Click on the Silent/gaming option to switch it on.

It is also possible to access this option from the main interface. Select Settings>General, and then make sure to check the box that says silent/gaming mode. This will block pop-ups, messages, and notifications in Avast.

Make changes to your Avast settings from the user interface

Switch off sound

Notifications of silence Start by opening your Avast User Interface. Click Settings>General>Sounds and uncheck the Enable Avast sounds box. If you already have a custom sound pack installed, remove for the Use voiceovers for sounds settings.

Select the notifications that you wish to block: Avast has six “events” that have notifications connected to these events. These events are : Threat discovered, Suspicious object identified (we suggest that you leave those two on) Potentially unwanted program (PUP) discovered Scan complete automatic update, Firewall query. You can choose to de-check these boxes too.

Stop pop-ups

We occasionally offer our customers other security solutions, but we are aware that you do not require notifications any more. Customers who are using paid-for versions of Avast can choose to disable the notifications completely.

Again, go to your Avast user interface, and then go to Settings>General. Scroll down and you’ll see a heading that’s called pop-ups. You can expand that heading and you’ll be able to see many choices.  We can stop viewing all pop-ups, but you could miss an alert or warning and we wouldn’t recommend this. You can instead adjust the duration (how long the pop-up is displayed for) of various types of pop-ups. The entire process is laid out for you, and you are able to modify it as you wish.

The users of our free product have the option of changing the time for the pop-ups.

Turn off Software Updater

Software Updater is a beneficial feature since it informs users of software that is out of date and labeling . However, you can look for obsolete software manually through the interface for users. So if we want to disable the notices, then go to Settings>Tools>Software Updater and click on Customize. Remove the checkmark to have notifications (popups) activated.

We can also disable Software Updater completely in Settings>Tools. Slide the slider to the Off position.

Turn off Cleanup

Avast Cleaning is an independent optimization tool that speeds and cleans your system by getting rid of unwanted bloatware and trialware as well as adware and other junk to ensure that your system is operating in its best possible condition.

Instead of completely turning it off, we recommend that you alter the settings. For instance, you can set Cleanup to inform you only if it discovers an amount of problems or after a certain period of time, for example each month at least once.

But if you want to turn off Avast Cleanup pop-ups, then open your Avast interface and go to Settings>Tools>Cleanup and click the Customize button. Remove the checkmark that states Always test this system for performance problems. You can also disable Cleanup completely under Settings>Tools. The slider should be moved to the Off position.

Other ways to deactivate Avast Pop Ups on your System in a timely manner

Beyond the causes mentioned above to receive pop-ups on your Avast antivirus, there are a myriad of different reasons that act as a cause-and-effect theory to trigger pop-ups that appear on your screen.

If you’re looking to learn how to get Avast not to pop up at all, it is important to study the following issues attentively. For instance:
For instance:

  • These pop-ups when playing games on fake websites that can compromise your security PC in a matter of seconds.
  • To protect your computer from these shady gaming websites, you could receive multiple pop-ups that can hinder your enjoyment of playing games with ease.
  • Make sure to uncheck the notification of games with this Avast antivirus to have the best user interface , and to block Avast notifications.
  • It is also possible to upgrade your free program to a premium version, which is a common practice for Avast antivirus, as they offer budget-friendly protections that include premium features.
  • If you’re not in need of these pop-ups appearing on your computer and you are able to handle them efficiently as well.
  • You can remove it from your screen by a couple of steps to set the settings bar in the software. It is always beneficial to know how to avoid Avast pop-ups that are related to purchasing premium plans:

This is the simplest and efficient methods that help you understand how to stop Avast pop-ups.

This way you will be able to deal with the pop-ups of Avast antivirus appearing on your screen over and over time. Everyone may be annoyed by the pop-ups that are sent by antivirus software, but in the same way, we can’t be able to avoid these pop-ups for a while and never stop installing the antivirus program won’t make sense in this situation. Therefore, you must be smart enough to choose the pop-ups you receive are important from a security perspective and then filter the pop ups on your settings to ensure that your system will kept safe with only a few display of pop-ups. The points above are crucial to consider when trying to learn how to disable Avast notifications from showing up within your device.

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