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How to Market a Criminal Defence Law Firm in 2022

Below you will find the article about how to market a criminal defence law firm correctly. It may sound like a  simple task but in reality it’s really hard to outrank your competitors, especially if they are working in the same area. 

And even if you are already aware of the huge number of customers who are looking for a professional criminal lawyer or attorney, it doesn’t mean that they will reach out to you.

So, how to find the right angle for creating an effective marketing strategy for your criminal defence law firm?

First of all you should work on your law firm marketing strategy to help your clients to find you as soon as possible. It seems simple – you just should help your website to reach Google top -10 and all will be fine. Your clients will see your message and then they will have a possibility to check your website and read your other clients’ reviews. And that will be giving you a huge advantage – their trust. And this even without doing anything. 

Putting it all together, what should you do?

  1. Work you the accessible website
  2. Optimize your website
  3. Create a lot of content for your social media
  4. Networking + Referrals
  5. Word to mouth recommendations
  6. Google My Business


  1. Work on your Website for Criminal Defence Law Firm

There are a lot of websites out there, but they just do not work for their owners. Do you know why?  Because it’s not enough just to deploy a new design on your website or make a few tweaks. Not at all.

What should you do – it`s to work on your website structure first. And for this we strictly recommend you to check out your competitors. And after understanding how their business works or how their competitors work  also, you should start work on your website structure. It seems dumb, but after this will give you a huge advantage and definitely will save your budget. Because if you created the website structure beforehand, you are already aware what exactly you should do next. And it will be clear for you that it’s will be no need to redo your website every year because of this. 

Also, don’t forget about the accessibility – think about your clients and how easy it will be to reach out to you and make a first contact with your business. So, build your website user -friendly.


2.Website optimization 

You already have a website and it really looks good, and is user – friendly, but still, you don’t have any clients. Why? It’s because your website is not optimized. Or you`ve started with selling some services and products and after you changed the directions and still no results. Here, in Marketing Seo Agency Deo-Dar we’d recommend you to optimize your website for Organic Searches. How should you do this:

  • Make a research on the keywords that will be helping you to reach out your clients
  • Don’t forget about keywords that are connected to the area that you are working in. 
  • Create a content-plan that would include all topics that would be the most interesting for your clients. 
  1. Content Plan

Even more important to create a lot of content, that will have your potential clients to find you as soon as possible. And for this you will need to work with the best writers and editors. Mostly because it’s known that even 1 mistake could scare your potential client.

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