How to Overcome Language Barriers in Technical Writing?

Academic, and literature writing use a term called technical writing. Literature is being written in every language throughout the world. The researchers use ‘English’ as a preferred language. It is because English has acceptability among the people. Most people across the world use English as the main subject for studying. Students and researchers of the Middle Eastern countries face some issues with language. It is because of the National unacceptability for English. Some of the literature is also written in Arabic. English based researchers find it difficult to translate the research and findings. In the same way, Spanish literature is also written in its language. This is not the case for all, but some researches.

Most people find issues in understanding the jargon of technical writing. For example, medical terminology uses one word for something else. Whereas you might be using it for something different.

There are certain tips to understand the technical writing of different languages. These are highlighted as follows:

  • Look for common words in the jargon of technical writing.
  • Google the difficult terms to understand their meaning.
  • Buy an online medical terminology dictionary.
  • Consider using specific language tools. These can be applied for business, and medical writing.
  • Analyse the literature for similarity, and differences of the terms.

Different types of technical writing need translation. Let’s discuss each of them in detail;

Literature Writing:

Literature writings includes poems, plays, and stories. These writings most often have an old vocabulary of the original language. For example, English writers use old vocabulary words to give the writing a poetic touch.

Business Writing:

This is the most common type of technical writing. The language of business is different from literary, or research world. It has specific jargon. Basic technical words are common in business writing. It gives an edge to the reader through the understanding of keywords. Glancing at the literature can help identify the main keywords. The different languages may need some translation tools though.

Journal, or Research Writing:

According to experts of dissertation writing services, the journals of different languages like Arabic and Spanish have a rule for writing in the native language. This may cause a problem for non-Spanish, and non-Arabic speaking people. They may need relevant tools to translate the research.

Technical writers face the following language barriers issues in general:

  • Difficulty in reading and understanding.
  • They may miss out on some important research and findings.
  • The coding and proxy of some languages are not available like for Arabic.
  • The latest articles do not have any coded language available in the first year of publication.

Some ways can help us overcome the language barriers in technical writing. These are discussed as follows:

Google Translator:

This may sound hectic, but you can get a fine translation through Google translator. You can copy the written subject matter in the google translator like ‘Spanish to English’. It will give you the English translation of the text. The translation may have some basic issues, but it will do the job for you.

Website Specific Tools:

There are certain other translation tools available. The engineering technical writing subjects will need engineering specific tools. Usage of Clouds words tool, Localize, and IBM Watson can help in the translation process.

Medical translation websites are also available. You can get a detailed medical translation of the document.

DeepL Translator

DeepL Translator is being considered the most useful tool of language translation. Most technical writers use it to understand the basics. You can say it is the world’s most accurate translator. You need to type or copy the text into online text box of DeepL translate. It will run it through the web system. Then it will give you the best possible translation. You can use it for different languages, as well as subjects.

Machine Translation

It is the type of translation that translates the given piece of information by itself. It does not have any human involvement in it. Further, it leaves any type of human error in the word text. This tool is a software that you can install on the laptop, or computer. The translation may not be very accurate. This is because the technical words in different languages may have different spellings. It creates ambiguity within the situation. The translator may find it difficult to understand the right meaning. The machine translation might reduce human effort, but the results are not accurate.

Microsoft language portal

Sometimes the writers find it difficult to write the words in English itself. The use of different words and expected word count management become difficult for them. Microsoft language portal provides its dictionary to the user. It gives best options of the words to use within the text. The issue of different types of English technical language does not hinder the content. This is because you can set up the Microsoft account. You can do this according to the style that you need. There are other options for languages as well. You can use them according to what suits you.

Pro Z

Pro Z is the most important tool for translating professional material. Most freelancers use this tool. Pro Z gives different service packages. This tool works on hourly rates, and provides its services to the user. The user can have a membership package as well for their convenience. It gives a broad database of languages to the user. It is quite an old tool, and its use was quite limited as well.


Technical writing sometimes gets hard to understand. A dictionary might help with the inter-language understanding. You can use specific subject translators to understand the specific jargon. In the case of Intra language, translation may need some effort. The google translator, and Microsoft translator language portal is inbuilt. Anyone having a google account might have these tools. You can use them in a smart way to analyse the text. Mobile apps are also available. Now you can take a picture of the text from Google Camera. Uploading the google picture on translator app might give a translation of the subject matter. Google translation is not 100 percent correct. It is better to use paid translators as they give more accurate results.

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