How to set the MG3600 printer to wireless network?

Canon MG series is very popular among home users and corporate offices. This Canon printer is very robust and known for providing good quality printouts. The color blending is very good in the Canon MG series. For connectivity, the Canon MG3600 printer allows a wireless connection. You can connect the printing machine with cable, WPS network, or directly.

Connecting MG3600 printer to a wireless network

Previous to affixing the printer to the WPS network; make sure you have installed the Canon driver on your device. This driver is like a bridge between the printer and the PC. The Canon printer driver transfers your commands to the printer. Without the driver; your printer won’t receive the commands. Check for the driver CD you get with the Canon printer. Insert the disk on the drive and copy the setup. If you have a disc drive, download the setup from the internet. After installing the driver; set up your Canon printer to the network.

Check the WPS pin on your router as you need a physical WPS button on the router for connecting the Canon printer to the router.

Steps for connecting the Canon MG3600 to the network:

  • Make sure the printer device is on
  • Press the Wi-Fi button
  • Hold the button
  • The bulb (next to Wi-Fi) will start flashing blue
  • On the router, press the WPS button immediately
  • Check blue light will blink

The Canon printer finds the network; the lamp will stop blinking and remains lit. After completing the configuration steps; check the printer is working or not on the network. You should try taking a test printout with a Canon printer.

Checking Canon Printer configuration

After you connect the Canon printer to the network; you can try printing the network setting page to ensure that your Canon printer is configured to the network properly:

  1. Make sure the Canon printer is on
  2. Now load the pages on the printer input tray
  3. Hit and hold the Cancel button
  4. The bulb will flash 15 times

Now release the button and you will get the network information page. Now check the printout for the connection. In this condition, the network is showing the active status and SSID shows the connected wifi network, now your Canon printer is properly configured on the network.

Standard Connection method for Canon network configuration

Follow the below steps to configure the printer issue:

  • Copy the Canon driver on your PC
  • Double-click on the setup
  • Tap on the Next option on the wizard
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Connect method window will be displayed
  • Choose Wireless Connection
  • Select the Connect network option from the screen
  • Setup Procedure selection screen appears
  • Choose Cableless setup option
  • You will get the Connection via Cableless setup on the screen
  • Release the Wi-Fi button
  • Make sure the blue lamp is blinking and the green lamp is lit
  • Tap on the Next button
  • The network connection will get disabled temporarily
  • Tap the Next button
  • Select Wireless Setup
  • Region page appears on the windows
  • Select your Region
  • Select your Country and hit the Next button
  • Permission prompt will appear
  • Tap the Exit button
  • You will get a wizard with your Canon printer model name and SSID
  • Tap the Complete button and now your Canon device is configured with the network completely.

If your Canon device displays a network error. You need to check the router (access point) for connection. Check the Canon mg3600 wifi on the cartridge. Now refill the cartridge is empty the ink and take the printouts. Try to connect your Canon printer to the computer with a cable.

Try resetting the printer network configuration to factory default. Factory reset will remove all the settings and you have to set the printer from the initial state. Follow the steps to Canon printer factory reset:

  • Hit and hold the Cancel button of the Canon printer
  • Wait the lamp flashes 17 times

Now release the button and the network settings on your Canon printer will reset to factory settings. In this condition, users can contact the Canon printer technical team for help.

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