Main Heading: A unique destination for a weekend getaway From Delhi


Delhi is one most preferable weekend destinations which suits every individual. There are many amazing places where you can spend some of your quality time. After exploring Delhi, if you plan to look and explore their nearby places then these are unique destinations from Delhi. Which has an outstanding vibe and is also appreciated by the tourists. Weekends here would be the most mesmerising experience as they also provide a dramatic view of the places with a great climate which is far away from the chaos of the ordinary bustle of life.  A few places where you can explore are Kasol, Manali, Lansdowne, Sohna, and Auli, etc are the few unique places to explore from Delhi. 

Weekend Getaways From Delhi: 

Weekends are the most intriguing time which we get! So why, let’s make beautiful memories. By just exploring and getting away from ordinary life. There would be an immense number of places which may bring a charm to your weekend.  And undoubtedly Delhi is one of the most intriguing places that you could ever examine. Apart from exploring, there are some unique facts about the places which resonate with their history! So, you will always be learning while examining and exploring Delhi.


Kasol is a prominent city in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It’s also known by the travel population for being a refuge for hikers and reserve travellers. Awash with experiences that will bring out the soul of a lot of travellers, Kasol is extra than almost a destination. It can effortlessly be declared to be a whole journey in itself. The justification why Kasol is outstanding amongst an extremely large group of travellers is that it caters to everyone. Be it the ones coming for trekking, camping, rafting, exploring, festivities, or striving for religious awakening, Kasol never disheartens anyone. Beginning from the end, Kasol is a haven for trekking lovers and journey buffs.


Manali also amounts to a chunk of the past, lending it an ancient estate that has splendid architecture and dramatic impressions. You can moreover grab pictures of sprawling pastures, terraced agriculture, and fruit orchards. All these sensations sum to giving rise to the city looking breathtakingly gorgeous.  All this mercy compels Manali for a romantic honeymoon with a delicate variety of explorations. Recently married pairs choose this spot to start up the fresh life of their affection amidst the elegant pastures and white rivers of water.


Lansdowne is one of the most fascinating places to explore in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It’s probably 260 kilometres away from Delhi. Providing a perfect weekend destination. People who adore birdwatching, trekking, and strolling through the elevated hills, etc then this will be a unique weekend destination for you’ll also for the one who adores nature and is willing to spend some time in the lap of nature. There are various parks and sanctuaries for nature and animals. To the folks who claim history, there are also a few historical monuments that hold a great record of history. 

You can also spot the massive breathtaking view of the Himalayas which is the most and major attraction of this state. A large number of tourists come here to trek and get mesmerising views of the hills. The favourable time to attain this state is from March to November. When the climate is favourable for the trekkers as well as the tourists. 


Sohna is one of the fondness of Haryana. The spot is comprehended for its serene lakes, hot streams, and mansion ruins that are discovered around it. Those who need to ideally crouch while softening and loosening up amid realistic elegance can bend to Damdama Lake or Sohna Lake. The most appropriate time to explore this place is September to February. Also, a great place to escape from ordinary life and experience the uniqueness of the state.  These lit streets in the evening and glowing canyons in the dawn give picture-perfect backgrounds for their honeymoon images. Even photography lovers can apprehend these shelves along with the flora and fauna of the town.


Au li is a hill site discovered in the Garhwal area, in the state of Uttarakhand, India. 

Auli is fondly pertained to as a spot where climate comes active in all its treasure and majesty. It is prosperous in realistic reserves and requests a dramatic terrain of the surrounding ridges. This governs the stride of the breeze blowing here and thus, lending Auli a fascinating climate. Auli’s unnatural lake is another enchantment that is one of the planet’s elevated man-made lakes. The hill site has an abundance of wildflowers and barriers like deodars, oaks, coniferous, and pine wildernesses, etc.

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