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Making the best of your outdoor lounge


The best part about summer is enjoying your outdoor living space. Whether in a condo or a house, the right patio furniture can turn a plain deck or backyard into an oasis of relaxation. With a little investment of time and energy (and money), you’ll be able to create an outdoor lounge that rivals the comfort of your indoor space.

Invest in a great umbrella.

You can take a simple step to make your outdoor lounge more enjoyable:

  1. Invest in a great umbrella.
  2. Choose an umbrella with a large canopy, providing shade and shelter from the elements.
  3. Consider an easy-to-open and close option that is durable, UV-resistant, water resistant and easy to store when not used.

Use outdoor accents like throw pillows.

Throw pillows can add a splash of colour to your outdoor lounge, and they can also add a bit of comfort. You may want to place them around the perimeter of your space for extra seating and easy access, or you can use them to create conversation areas. Throw pillows are also great for creating a fire pit if that’s part of your plan!

Design a fire pit.

There are numerous aspects to keep in mind when designing your fire pit. Do you want to be able to throw logs into the pit from across the yard? Or would you prefer something closer to the house, with a more contained flame? How about the design—round or square? A big space for groups of people, or a smaller one just for two?

To get started on this project, here’s what you’ll need:

The location of your outdoor lounge and how far away from it your fire pit should be.

Materials such as concrete, metal and wood can withstand high temperatures without burning themselves out too quickly.

Shape (square or round), size (smaller is better) and style (rustic).

Choose comfortable chairs.

Choosing the right chairs is the first step to making your outdoor lounge space comfortable. The key to comfort has the right size, style, material, and backrest. If you’re spending time in your outdoor lounge space, it’s important that you choose comfortable chairs for yourself and your guests.

Chairs come in many shapes and sizes—the most common are:

Straight-backed chairs have no cushion or padding; they’re easy to keep away when not used.

Armchairs – these have armrests on either side of the seat

Swivel recliners – these allow you to recline while maintaining eye contact with other people

Match those chairs with a stylish coffee table

The next step is to choose a coffee table. To make the most of your outdoor lounge, think about what style it will have and how it will look when you’re done. The best way to match chairs with a coffee table is to choose one with a glass top. This will allow light from inside or outside your home to reflect off it, creating more visual interest in the space.

Build an outdoor bar area.

Of course, you can also make your outdoor lounge area a bar. You can do this using a portable bar, permanent bar or even an outdoor kitchen. A good way to determine which type of bar is best for you and your family is by considering the amount of time available for entertaining guests and the amount of space available in your yard. For example, if you live close to other houses and only have enough space in your backyard for one or two people at a time, then having an outdoor kitchen may be more appropriate than having large amounts of alcohol on hand.


It’s time to get out, enjoy the beautiful weather, and relax with friends. If you’re looking for new ways to brighten your backyard or patio, don’t forget to add some great outdoor lounge furniture pieces!

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