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The NYU Section of Zakrzewski is one of the most renowned programs in the world, boasting a long and illustrious history. For over 75 years, students have traveled to New York City to experience its unique combination of rigorous academics, diverse student body, and vibrant city life. In recent years, the Washington Post has shown an increasing interest in this program due to its success in preparing students for success after graduation. nyu sectionzakrzewski washingtonpost

The NYU Sectionzakrzewski Washingtonpost has established itself as one of the most comprehensive sources for news and information related to NYU, its students, faculty, and alumni. Readers can stay up to date on all the latest developments concerning university policies, research projects, student life and even sports teams. With a dedicated team of journalists, editors and researchers, the paper offers in-depth coverage of every major issue impacting New York City’s largest private university. nyu sectionzakrzewski washingtonpost

New York University (NYU) has long been a leader in the field of education, and now they are gaining recognition on a global scale. The Washington Post recently featured an article highlighting NYU’s new Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Barbara Zakrzewski Washington. Dr. Zakrzewski Washington is the first ever African American to hold this position at NYU, making her appointment historic and momentous.

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