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The Benefits of Consulting EAP Counsellors

EAP also refers to an employee association program. EAP offers employees a great deal of support, as EAP counselors could provide a wide range of services. The EAP services help in workplace conflicts, workplace-related traumas, mental health conflicts such as depression and anxiety, grief or loss, substance abuse issues, or relationship problems. In addition to retirement assistance, legal help, or organizational assessments, employee education, financial aid, martial support, grief assistance, management consultation, and individual assessments.

To serve as EAP licensed therapist, one should have at least a master’s degree in majors such as psychology, addiction counseling, social work, professional counseling, family therapy, marriage counseling, etcetera. An individual who would have met state licensing requirements as an EAP services counsellor should have been a licensed therapist. An EAP counsellor might refer further to a therapist, addiction specialist, psychologist, or psychiatrist if you require additional assistance coping with professional or personal issues. 

To illustrate it further, Employee assistance program (EAP) counsellors help with alcohol addiction, drug addiction or mental health issues. Along with coping with a workplace or at home daily stressors to relieve employees of workplace stress to better focus on their tasks with a 100% enhanced productivity level. This article might help you in understanding the benefits of consulting EAP counsellors. 

Benefits of Consulting EAP Counsellors

The EAP employee assistance program comes with innumerable benefits, which could be found in any kind of counselling. The EAP counsellors generally focus on employee mental, physical, financial, and psychological health. For example, an employee suffering from stress or depression could assist EAP counsellors who would help evade depression and soothe the nerves of an individual. EAP counsellors’ sessions could also help you in overcoming serious hurdles, enhance your outlook on life, and could reduce levels of anxiety and stress of your workload. 

  • According to various studies, seeking ongoing counselling could help make an employee more mindful, productive, and active. 
  • Many employees had a higher work performance, reduced absences, and a more focused mindset. 

There are several significant benefits of consulting EAP counsellors which are following, 

1. Affordable for Employers to Practise

EAP sessions are budget-friendly, which is its primary benefit. An employee suffering from psychological, mental, or physical health could quickly consult employee assistance programs for 40-60 dollars yearly. The EAP is available mainly in face-to-face sessions or in online communication. Any employee could implement EAP, as the employee would pay an average of what he pays for employee health insurance, less than 1% of it. 

2. Your Business Could Save Money

According to reports of Canada Statistics, an account for 75% of short-term disability claims in Canada, while mental health issues cost employers a staggering $20 billion per year. Be careful. It may cost you dearly if you aren’t addressing mental health issues in the workplace. It’s better to invest in your mental health before it gets worst. The responsibility of bad mental health of employees lies on an organisation, as mental health issues might properly lead to deterioration of physical fitness, less focused mind, amplification of conflicts, and other mental problems. While investing in employee assistance programs (EAP) would lead to fewer absences, fewer disability claims, lower medical insurance usage, reduced healthcare costs, improved mental health, higher productivity level and lower medical insurance usage. 

3. Inspire a Positive Work Environment

EAP counsellors majorly help in elevating the positive work environment of an organisation. Stressed-caused issues can affect not only one person but the overall workforce.  Which might include health problems, decreased performance, bad mental health, and absenteeism. People suffering from stress could be less communicative at work argumentative. They might become more defensive, experience higher levels of stress, and lacks productivity in their tasks. To cater to these problems, an outlet to discuss employees’ issues or troubled employees by providing support could be fixed by an employee assistance program (EAP). You might notice after the EAP consultation session a positive work environment, which might positively affect co-workers, a decreased stress level could be its inherent result. 

4. Boosts productivity levels

The employee assistance program (EAP) comes with the perks of improving the productivity level of association employees. Employees become less creative or less motivated when they are considerably distracted by personal problems. In addition, stressed employees might use more sick days to cope with their depression. Might feel tired at the workplace, which might add to the lack of productivity. An increasing number of absenteeism could also be alarming for the association. Due to employee absences, the companies almost lost 36.6% of their productivity.  As per some reports of the Society for Human Resource Management. The studies also reveal that after employees go for EAP sessions, sick leaves; absenteeism was seen less often. 

Final thoughts 

The benefits of employee assistance program (EAP) counselling includes inspiring a positive work environment.  Boosting productivity levels, making it affordable for employees to practise.  Helping in saving your business some money. 

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