These 9 Tips Will Change Your Perception About Presentation boxes

Making the presentation boxes is only half the battle. Just standing them on a table isn’t enough to make you stand out. Your presentation box needs to be noticed for anyone to buy it, so here are some secrets that will help you do just that!

#1 Put Something Inside

If your product is heavy, this tip won’t apply to you, but if it isn’t, you need to give them a reason to open the presentation box. The best way to do this is by using a little bit of scotch tape and putting a small hole in the front so they can feel what’s inside. Don’t bother if it feels like an iPhone through the paper because no one will buy it. If it is something smaller, you can probably get away with putting a small sample inside.

#2 Don’t Forget the Stickers

These are great for making your presentation box stand out if you know how to use them properly. First, make sure they aren’t stuck together. It makes it look like someone put them there, and no one wants to buy something that already looks used. Second, make sure you know what your stickers are for. If you don’t, then they aren’t doing their job correctly.

#3 Make it Magnetic

This is the best way to ensure the presentation box stays closed until someone opens it. First, take a piece of magnetic tape and cut it accordingly. If the presentation box is longer than wide, you will want to ensure that the tape goes horizontally. Second, put some double-sided tape on the opposite side of the back of your product and stick it there.

#4 Rope It In

Ropes are the best way to add some color and detail. You can even go beyond that and add bows too! First, take a thin strip of paper and measure the circumference of your presentation box. Then cut it accordingly to have two pieces when you’re done. Second, tie them together at the ends, making sure they are symmetrical about the middle, so you have an even number of loops. Then, staple the ends together, so they are secure. Lastly, take a strip of tape and place it on top of both loops so you can put it around your presentation box easily.

#5 Utilize the Entire Space

If you don’t, people will forget that there is anything inside. To do this, make a copy of your logo and put it in the bottom right-hand corner of the front. Then add an advertisement about what’s inside. This will give them more incentive to buy your presentation box!

#6 Add Some Texture

Adding texture is a great way to catch someone by surprise. It can be anything from a sticker to a piece of string wrapped the whole way around the presentation box. Anything that stands out will make people look twice, and if it makes them happy, they might buy your product instead of someone else’s!

#7 Add a Ribbon

There are many ways you can use a ribbon to make your product stand out from the rest, but the easiest way is to take a strip of paper and measure its circumference. Once you know how long it needs to be, cut it accordingly. Next, tie a knot in one end so that it won’t come undone right away when someone pulls on it. Lastly, put some tape on the opposite side of your knot, so it holds it in place.

#8 Make a Hanger

This is a great way to ensure your product isn’t going anywhere until someone decides they want it! All you have to do is take a thin strip of paper and measure how long you need for each side. Then cut accordingly, tape the ends together to complete the circle, and attach a strip of paper to the other side long enough to fit around your product.

#9 Add Your Brand

If you don’t have a logo, adding your brand name is just as good. It not only helps people remember who made their new favorite thing but also catches their eye! All you have to do is print your brand name out on a thin strip of paper and cut it to the correct proportions. Then put a small hole in one end so people can pull it off easily, and lastly, attach a strip of tape to the other side to tie it around their presentation box. Then, you will have created something unique!

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