Top 5 Candle Box Companies Near Me In USA


Candle box is the best source to enhance the beauty of houses. They do not only lighten up your houses but they also spread a sweet fragrance in your house. So that whenever any guest comes or even you are alone at home a nice smell can make you feel good and active. Plus create a very good impact on the visitors as well. So every house owner must have candles and decorate their house with them amazingly. There are different types of candles:

  1. Birthday candles
  2. Tea lights
  3. Votives
  4. Pillars
  5. Tapper candles
  6. Cartridge candles
  7. wax filled glass candles
  8. Fuel cartridges
  9. Floating candles

Depending on the situation you can buy any type of candle. All the brands make these types of candles and pack them in a candle box appropriately that can attract customers. So here we will discuss Top 5 candle box companies near me in the USA.

Yankee Candle Company:

Yankee is the first largest candle company in the USA that was founded by Michael Kittredge in 1969. Its headquarters is in Massachusetts and the candles of this brand are used in almost all countries. Online shopping has made peoples life easy so now distance doesn’t matter. People can shop from anywhere in the world by sitting at their homes through their laptops. Yankee candles company Ltd not only makes candles of various scents but also make candle accessories that can enhance the beauty of candles.

And help the public to place their candles on the tables or house corners easily without falling down. Yankee tries to invent new scents every season so that no one can beat the sales of this brand. On the other hand, the packaging of these candles is also done efficiently. Because this firm knows the worth of candle packaging wholesale. And that is why they make solid packaging so that the candles don’t break during the transportation process. They rely on cardboard boxes to make a candle box so the customers are not disappointed by the first look of the packaging. And then they print the brand’s name on them to make these boxes a source of promotion for them.

Woodwick Candles Company:

Woodwick Candle Company was founded in 2006 and as the name suggests its specialty lies in the wick that they use. This company produces candles of various fragrances and distinctive shapes to win the hearts of customers. Now for these shapes, they make a candle box of different styles and sizes. So that the candles are packed properly and look appealing to human eyes as well. They select a pretty shape according to candle shape and try to give a good unboxing experience to the customers so that they can be happy with the brand’s services and give good feedback on the social media websites.

From where many people can see these reviews and they will also be motivated to buy candles of their choice from your firm. Resultantly it is beneficial from a business point of view.  So that almost all the people can afford their candles and fulfill their wishes as well.

White Barn Candles companies:

White barn candle company was founded nearly in 1991 and now with their day and night efforts, they finally come in the top five candle companies in the USA. This brand make candles of various colors so that you can select the color according to your room’s paint and make a specific sequence of colors that can go well with your room and taste. Plus these firm make candles boxes of various color combinations as well that can complement the colored candles packed inside. The right color combination can leave a lasting effect on the public so try to choose decent yet classy colors for the candle packaging wholesale.

Gold Canyon Candles:

Gold Canyon Candle Company was established in 1991 in the USA. This brand uses amazing marketing strategies to promote its products and boost sales. The most important strategy in digital marketing. It means they post their new products on Instagram and Facebook where thousands of people can see the post and if they like your candles and packaging styles they will place orders by the given links below the post. This brand creates scented candles whose fragrances are long-lasting. it means they use high-quality materials to make candles. Plus Gold Canyon candle company design the candle boxes in a good way so that when people see the packaging they cannot resist the beauty of these boxes and mainly end up buying one of the candles from this brand.

Colonial Candles companies:

Colonial candle companies make candles that can make you feel warm, fresh and cozy depending according to your mood. Even they use high-quality glass to make these candles. This brand was launched by Mabel Baker in 1909. This great woman knows the value of the house and that’s why she manages to create candles that are best for your homes. Even this brand prints the instructions on the candle packaging so that people can read the instructions before using it. Such labeling on the candle packaging wholesale can save the customers from any mishap as candles are flammable.


So all these are the most trending candle packaging companies in the USA that not only make candles of good quality but also focus on their boxes so that they can easily grab the customer’s attention. As a result, their sales will increase and these companies can earn a good profit margin in less time and effort. So if any small firm wants to gain a good reputation in the market they must consider these top companies of the USA as their role model and work on their principles. Then it will be easy for a small firm working in any country to gain the desired success in the competitive market.

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