Top 5 Free Editing and Proofreading Tools for 2022

In this era of competition, students are supposed to submit error-free assignments. Dissertations, and other coursework to their teachers, supervisors, etc. The checking authorities in the schools, colleges, and universities, keenly scrutinize the students’ write-ups to set their grades. 

It is extremely difficult for the students to meet such tough checking criteria. Mainly, in the most critical tasks, such as dissertation writing, it is too hard to seal all the loopholes. Because, no matter how rigorous research a student has done and how perfectly he has presented the ideas, a minor error in the content can ruin the whole effort. Therefore, many students seek help from dissertation proofreading services and tools online.

This post will discuss how editing and proofreading can help the students make their coursework flawless by all means. The five best editing and proofreading tools will be explored here.

Types of Editing and Proofreading Tools

Many types of services and apps are available online to help the students in their dissertation or assignments editing and proofreading. Some of the most common and preferable types of editing and proofreading tools are as follows.

  • Free Website Tools

The website tools can be accessed online. You can upload or copy your drafts on dropdown boxes on such websites to check the grammatical, spelling, and plagiarism issues. Free website tools usually don’t suggest the corrections but only mark the mistakes.

  • MS Word Add-on

This type of editing and proofreading tool can be downloaded from the search engines and used as MS Word add-ons. These are installed in the form of setups and you can add their shortcuts on your desktop. Most Laptops and PC users prefer MS Word add-ons for editing and proofreading purposes.

  • Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for editing and proofreading are feasible to use but comparatively, have lesser features than the MS add-ons. You can use mobile apps to check the structure and format or the readability but very few mobile applications allow the users to modify the sentence structure and other editing suggestions.

The Best Editing and Proofreading Tools for 2022


It is observed that the higher secondary students do not find enough time. Or to edit and proofread the content of their assigned task. Especially when it comes to the master and PhD dissertation writing, it appears to be most difficult for the students to spend time editing and proofreading although it is essential. 

The reason is that most PhD students manage both their professional academic lives side by side, so they usually take help from online PhD dissertation editing services to make a flawless attempt towards success. The below-mentioned editing and proofreading apps can help both the students and the academic help services in this regard.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the top-notch editing and proofreading tools used all around the globe. It can be used both as the Google extension and the MS Word add-ons. It holds a number of features; some of them are free and some are available at the premium version. You can set your goals on Grammarly, i.e. the audience, formality, domain, tone, intent, and so on. It tells you the content readability, uniqueness, average word length and also suggests potential edits.

  • ProWriting Aid

It is another world-famous editing and proofreading tool that can be used as an add-on with a number of platforms. You can use it with Google Docs, Word, Outlook, Scrivener, Open Office, Gmail, Facebook, and so on. Its remarkable features allow you to analyze your content in terms of grammar, spelling, readability, passive voice, overused words, repetition, sentence structure, and variety, use of transitions, alliteration, and other language fundamentals.

  • Hemingway Plus

Hemingway is also an effective online editing and proofreading tool that offer the users simple alternatives to the words and phrases, gives the readability score and suggestions to improve it, detect the passive voice with advice, and also gives recommendations to simplify the complex sentences. It plays a great role in enhancing the quality of the content.

  • Scribbr

Scribbr is the online editing and proofreading platform that works as a tool for making the students’ assignments and dissertation perfect and proficient. It has all the required editing and proofreading features that other competitive tools have. Additionally, it checks the references and citations in the content and verifies them. Further, it works as the citation generator for the learners.

  • Spellcheck Plus

It is also an emerging tool for the editing and proofreading of the students’ tasks. It focuses upon the grammar and spelling; you just need to put your content in, and it will underline the errors and suggest edits and contentions. After making the recommended modifications, your final draft would be good to go in terms of language, grammar, and spelling. 

Benefits of Using Editing & Proofreading Tools

To make the content 100% free of errors, it is important to edit and proofread. Sometimes, the errors are so minor that they can easily be neglected but are hard to identify. 

So, here comes the need for expert editing and proofreading. Following is a detailed account of which types of errors can make loopholes in your content and how they can be fixed through editing and proofreading.

  • Correcting the Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors include tenses, articles, punctuations, and other silly language mistakes. Sometimes, students may be confused if they should use a ‘comma’ or a ‘semicolon’ in between a sentence. In this way, they can make a mistake, which would not be an error according to them. But, only expert proofreading can check and correct this type of negligible grammatical issue.

  • Detecting the Spelling Issues

A spelling error can occur when the students use a word’s homophone unintentionally and don’t realize the mistake. This issue seems so small but can change the meaning of the whole sentence and sometimes even the whole passage. For example, root and route are two different words. A spelling mistake can change the context. Proofreading is important to rectify these errors.

  • Assessing the Sentence Structure

The sentence structure matters a lot in making the flow of the content. Most of the students don’t know the readability criteria of the content. They write long sentences that break the flow and complex the meaning. Also, sometimes extra wordiness weakens the sentence structure. So, the readability check is compulsory. Through editing and proofreading the content, these types of errors can be assessed and corrected.

  • Analyzing the Uniqueness

The editing and proofreading help the students analyze the uniqueness of their content. This means, how original and versatile they sound in their assignments. The plagiarism check is also important to ensure the originality of the content. This detailed analysis can be done by keen editing and proofreading skills. There are several editing and proofreading tools that allow the users to check plagiarism along with all the other content-related issues.

  • Detecting the Repetitions

Repetitions involve repeated ideas, repeated arguments, repeated statements, and even repeated words. The more you repeat a word in your content, the more it affects the uniqueness of your content. A good vocabulary and vast exposure to the relevant ideas are needed to avoid repetitions. You can detect the repetitions in your content by using editing and proofreading tools. 

  • The Overall Quality Assurance

Editing and proofreading play a significant part in assuring the overall quality of the content. Almost all the online academic writing platforms use the premium versions of the most efficient and effective editing and proofreading to satisfy their clients with complete quality assurance.

Final Statement 

This is the most comprehensive and detailed guide about the importance of editing in proofreading the content and which tools are beneficial for the students to use. In this age of day-by-day increasing competition, you must not compromise on the quality of your content. This is what time demands.

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