Top Places To Visit In Mauritius In 2022

Lying in the ocean, 800 kilometers east of Madagascar, Mauritius is sort of a piece of heaven on earth. As you know, popular for its sapphire waters, white-powdery beaches, and so many luxury resorts. Mauritius could be an amazing place to go to for anyone with a love for nature and exploration. From long and peaceful nature walks to mountain hiking, underwater diving, and offshore snorkeling. There are a lot of wonderful attractions in Mauritius to interact with.

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If you have got been in want of a Mauritius travel guide to seek out out all concerning attention-grabbing places in Mauritius that you just shouldn’t miss out on, then you’re on the right blog. Have a look:

Blue Penny Museum

An absolute treat for history enthusiasts the Blue Penny Museum is one of the famous places to go to in Mauritius. As they say, to really know somebody or something, peep into their history. Visiting this place can let you make out the fascinating history of Mauritius, what this place really stands for, and the way it’s developed over the course of years. From holding you in on the 3 colonial periods of the Dutch, French, and British, to permitting you to check the rarest stamps in the world. The Blue Penny Museum provides you with a quick summary of Mauritius.

Blue Bay Marine Park

Located in Mahebourg, the Blue Bay Marine Park is an underwater park that’s home to totally different kinds of marine life. Covering seagrasses, mangroves, and algae, this marine park contains various sea beds and could be a well-known spot for diving.

Being one of the top places to go to in Mauritius. This marine park has as many as 72 fish species and 38 types of corals. Although the Blue Bay Marine Park could be an excellent place for snorkeling, people can learn diving here as well. However, if you don’t feel like entering into the water, there are glass-bottomed boats to permit you to witness the exotic marine life!

Sugar Museum

L’Aventure du Sucre or the Sugar Museum is another interesting place in Mauritius. It provides an improbable journey into the history of the place. Previously, called the sugar factory of Beau Plan, this place tells the story of the relationship between Mauritius and the sugarcane plantation. Visit the sugar museum where you may get to understand the old planting strategies and production techniques related to sugar.

Casela Nature Park Segway Tour

One of the most famous & must-visit places in Mauritius, particularly for nature lovers, Casela Nature Park is found on the West Coast, atop sugar cane fields, with the Rempart Mountain because of the backdrop. Covering a region of quite 250 hectares of land, this nature park offers an exhilarating & thrilling mixture of nature, adventure, and life. With a forest look-like environment, canyon, waterfall, etc. This can be the most expansive nature park on the island. In addition, known as one of the most interesting places to visit while in Mauritius.

Tamarin Waterfalls

Tamarin or Tamarind waterfalls, is yet one more place of interest in Mauritius among several tourists, because of its untamed natural beauty. Comprising of seven cataracts of Rivi`ere Tamarin. This series of waterfalls is also popularly stated because of the Seven Cascades. At a height of 300 meters, Tamarin Waterfalls also offers a variety of opportunities for various adventure activities. From swimming in the cool waters of the river cliff jumping, canyoneering, and hiking in the forests nearby. There are a lot of things that one will indulge in when here.

Rochester Falls

Set on the Savanne River, south of the island. Rochester Falls is additionally one of the best places to go to in Mauritius, particularly if waterfalls and astounding scenery are your things. Surrounded by flora and well-liked for its rectangular flank rocks. Rochester Falls is the widest fall on the island. Standing at a height of 10 meters, the Rochester Falls is all about milky white water gushing through rocks and landing into a transparent pool. A favorite spot among daring kids for performing adventurous dives. Rochester Falls is additionally a good spot for soaking in lush greenery and relishing fresh tropical fruits.

In the Nutshell

In the end, it is proved that this astonishing land of scenic beauty offer so much to see, explore, and enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Make your dream trip to this island come true by planning a trip to Mauritius with and personalize your travel itinerary on your own. Get ready to make memories that you can cherish forever. Happy Vacations!

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