What is Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device? How to Use it and Benefits?

Driving under the influence of drugs or drinks is an offense, and people have to pay an enormous amount as a fine. With the help of interlock system installation, offenses for driving under intoxication can be reduced to a great extent. Ignition interlock helps in better management of interlock issues and helps to keep track of the offenders.

An alcohol ignition interlock device is a breath-testing device that is connected to the ignition of the vehicle. The vehicle cannot be started unless the driver of the vehicle blows into the interlock. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) must be below the pre-set lower limit- .02 BAC.

How does an ignition interlock device work?

The alcohol ignition interlock device checks the BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration in individuals. If the amount found in the blood is above the pre-set limit, then the vehicle cannot be started. However, if the Blood Alcohol Concentration level is below this pre-set limit, then the vehicle will start easily.

How to use an ignition interlock device?

The alcohol ignition interlock device works by using the following procedures for checking the Blood Alcohol Concentration levels.

  • Blow-Inhale-Blow

The individual needs to blow in the breath analyzer for a few seconds. They must not remove their mouths. Instead, they must inhale in and again blow in the mouthpiece. This method is used by most of the interlock devices available.

  • Straight Blow

It needs more force from the user. It is difficult compared to the other methods and is also less accurate.

  • Blow and Hum

As the name suggests, the user has to blow and hum in the mouthpiece. This is also quite hard for many users. It leads to unnecessary lockouts for customers.

Benefits of an interlock device

The alcohol ignition interlock device has more than one benefit.

  • Decreases rates of recidivism

It helps in reducing recidivism rates. In many cases, due to this device, the number of individuals drinking and driving has gone down by 90 percent.

  • Helps to save lives

It helps in saving the lives of people. The device helps stop people from starting their vehicle when they are drunk. It helps to lower the number of vehicular accidents happening due to drinking and driving on the roads. As such, it helps in saving the lives of many people.

  • Peace of mind

With the interlock device in the vehicle, your friends and family members can be at peace. They will know that their family member will not be able to drive the car after getting drunk. It will increase the safety of the vehicle owner and also the people on the road. It will help to prevent accidents on the road.

  • Pocket-friendly

These interlock devices are affordable and do not burn a hole in your pocket. Spending about two dollars a day for the interlock device is much cheaper than paying thousands of dollars as fines and penalties for drinking and driving.

 Final words

With the interlock system installation, individuals will be able to save their lives and not pay high amounts as fines and penalties due to drinking and driving.

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