What is the solution to TurboTax blank screens, missing buttons, or missing images?

It is common for TurboTax users to experience problems that suddenly arise. Many users experience issues such as missing buttons or images or a blank screen in TurboTax. Now, in such a situation, you are bound to feel confused and annoyed, but before you start panicking, it is best to try to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. To clear up any confusion and doubt, take a look at this blog. Learn more here!

Common ways to fix TurboTax’s blank screen, missing button, and missing images!

TurboTax should be run as an administrator in Windows.

  • If InstallTurboTax Com is still running, you should exit it.
  • Now you are supposed to right-click the TurboTax 20XX icon on your desktop (where XX stands for just the left final two digits of the year).
  • You must then select properties from the menu.
  • The next step is to select compatibility mode.
  • There is a box called RUN THIS PROGRAM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR just under settings.

The second step is to adjust the resolution of your display

The display resolution must be adjusted.

  • Choosing to begin is the first step.
  • After selecting the control panel, you will need to right-click on start (Windows 8 users can right-click on start and choose control panel)
  • Now, you should select Display; then, you should select the Settings Tab.
  • Following the above steps, you must proceed to the next step by manipulating the slider to increase the screen resolution beyond 800*600.
  • Once the necessary changes have been made, you must click the OK button.
  • It is important to close the window once you have completed all the steps.

The next step is to hide the Windows Taskbar

  • Right-click on the Windows Taskbar to hide it
  • You should now click on Properties
  • Once you have done that, select Auto-Hide the Taskbar
  • The changes will be applied if you select the OK button now
  • Once you have closed the window, you must restart

The taskbar can be unhidden by hovering the mouse over the bottom of the screen, and then it will reappear.

As a third step, you must enable the show pictures option (Internet Explorer)

  • The first thing you need to do is close TurboTax
  • The next step is to open the start menu.
  • Now, you need to click on settings from the start menu.
  • Afterward, you should select Control Panel (Windows 8 users should simply select Control Panel from the Start menu).
  • The internet options icon should now be double-clicked.
  • Only the Advanced Tab must be selected.
  • As soon as you have selected an advanced tab, you should scroll down to the multimedia group.
  • If you want to show pictures, you must select ‘show pictures’.
  • The next step is to select OK.
  • Finally, it’s time to start TurboTax

There are simple steps that you can follow and apply, regardless of whether you are looking for images or buttons or if your screen is blank on TurboTax. Following the steps will enable you to find out how to fix TurboTax blank screens and find missing images and buttons. For more information, consider checking out the blog.

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