Why BeyondLife is making NFT headlines in India

What makes the world go round (now)

In the growing world of ever-evolving technology, when a sector’s use remained static, which is gaining its craze in the spotlight in recent years are NFTs. They are on the rise, and one entity that’s turning heads with its record-breaking launches and integration of Indian talent in the online trading world, from Amitabh’s NFTs to now a much-anticipated superhero NFT launch that is closely associated with a certain comic legend attached to the project.

What are NFTs?

  • That’s the million-dollar question, going on billions. They are non-fungible tokens that are tradeable across the online market.
  • These are a byproduct of the world of cryptocurrencies but unlike crypto exchanges. That is fungible, meaning one crypto coin is equal to another coin of the same value, while NFT is different. Therefore they are unique and the only ones in existence.
  • The NFTs are powers blockchain technology, an online ledger that keeps track of your NFTs from their creation.
  • The tokenized items can be any digitizable object, be it a digital version of a painting, a meme, music, and its use cases are evolving by the minute.

How to make the best out of a no-code launchpad

  • Since the inception of NFT and its recent surge in its use cases, the market is saturated with artists and creators with no real clue as to how they can successfully conquer the NFT marketplace. This is solved by the introduction of dedicated products like Beyondlife’s no-code NFT launchpad platform.
  • These platforms make it useful for creators to launch their careers and make their mark in the NFT platform without the hassle of having to code and set up the marketplace at the push of a button.
  • It is a no-nonsense outlet where you can focus on your artwork or any aspect of the sector you’re trying to conquer.

How BeyondLife works

  • In this no-code launchpad, the artists can customize to their preferences through a multitude of carefully curated templates that help them project their art to its heights.
  • You just have to upload your artwork and wait to reap the benefits on a global scale.
  • The introduction of blockchain technology and minting makes it easy for the creator to stay confident.
  • The auctions and bid wars are privy to the participants registered for the drops.
  • It is backing up with Anti.Rip AI Spyder security protocols that make it impossible for scammers and duplicate rip-offs to replicate or recreate in other markets.
  • They make it possible for artists to integrate all of the major wallets.

Their projects from the past

  • In one of the biggest launches in the Indian celebrity NFT realm, the legendary Amitabh’s tribute collection. It consists of poems, punks, never-before-seen artworks, and exclusive posters with signed lithographs from the legend himself.
  • The launch proved to be one for the books, with fans rushing in with sales that crossed seven crores.
  • This paved the way for indie artists from India to take advantage of the opportunity in the global NFT trades.
  • These Amitabh’s NFTs purchase and trade across the globe, with some still putting in and keeping a lookout for any NFTs that may come up for trade and will only continue to grow in their value as time goes on.

What to look forward to in the near future and beyond

  • Enter the Chakraverse. After reveling in the success of Amitabh’s NFTs, the company is ready for its next installment of awesomeness. Your beloved characters from the comics of Chakra the Invincible are making their NFT debut.
  • Besides, It is the collaboration from the team of Stan Lee, the co-creator of Chakra the invincible, along with Orange Comet.
  • This makes it the second most anticipated launch from BeyondLife.
  • The first Indian superhero NFT is going to set the standard for more creators to follow suit and also make it possible for investors and fans of the comics to trade on this legacy product.

What to expect from the Chakra the Invincible NFTs launch?

  • Firstly, Chakra is the first Indian superhero that has swerved into the international market with Stan Lee co-spearheading the project since its inception with talks of making a live-action version of the character due to its rise in recognition around the world before his passing.
  • This is a legacy-driven project with many talented designers collaborating on the designs of the NFTs with unique and exquisite designs, each catered to the standards that are held to the legend himself.
  • There are Loot Boxes and auction bids on various yet limited one-of-a-kind NFT ranging from ArtPunks to animated NFTs.
  • You can go join their waitlist right now because it’s “first come, first serve.”
  • They support every major wallet, so you can easily access your preferred mode of purchase.

A chance to reap the benefits of the NFT market from the comfort of your home

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to set up your own market in the world of NFTs. When you have the all enticing launchpads like BeyondLife, where they help you make easy choices and get bigger cheques. The industry of tokenizing items and using them for sale and purchase is seeing a revolution in recent times.

So what are you waiting for? Make moves with your newfound knowledge and march on with confidence. You may just be the next big star in NFTs history.

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