Why should you plan to visit the city of Delhi NCR?

Visiting the city of Delhi NCR is very much important for every individual at least once in their lifetime because of the grand architecture and experience associated with this particular city. Delhi NCR is very successful in terms of providing people with the perfect blend of the best legacy along with urban development of the next holiday destination which is the main reason that Planning to stay in Le Meridien Delhi is a very great idea on the behalf of people so that everybody will be at the forefront in terms of enjoying a lot without any inconvenience.

Following are some of the most important places to be visited in the city of Delhi NCR:

  1. Akshardham Temple: This particular place is dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and is exhibiting the ancient culture of India. This particular Temple will be very much successful in terms of maintaining the courtyard of 60 acres of land laws along with bronze statues including different types of heroes, warriors and patriots. This place has been very well registered as one of the world’s largest comprehensive Hindu temples in the Guinness world book records. This place is also organising a musical fountain as well as a light show after the sunset every day.
  2. Red Fort: This particular place was constructed in the year 1639 by the Mughals and got its name from the massive red colours and stone walls. This place is in the old Delhi and is an octagonal-shaped fort spread over an area of 254 acres. The planning and designing of the fort are based upon different kinds of traditions and the place is very much successful in terms of laying down a very strong influence on the latest pictures built in and around the city of Delhi.
  3. India Gate: This particular place very well symbolises the sacrifice of more than 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives battling against the foreign army during World War I. This particular place is also featuring the Amar jawan Jyoti all the flames of the immortal soldiers to honour the martyred soldiers in the Indo Pakistan war. Furthermore, this particular masterpiece is among one of the largest war memorials in India and is perfectly standing on the Bharatpur stone base which is a structure surrounded by lush lawns which makes it a much more popular picnic spot during the winter afternoons and summer evenings.
  4. Horsecars: Whenever the individuals are interested to enjoy the vibe of the parties then definitely, they need to visit the horsecars because this is one of the most famous places for the cafes and clubs. This particular place is very much popular among the people and is situated in the neighbourhood of South Delhi which very well provides people with the importance of Mughal architecture. This particular place is very much popular for the 13th-century structure which is known as the horsecars complex and is a very modernised street. In this particular manner, everybody will be able to enjoy the designer label boutiques without any kind of problem and further will be able to admire the fine at work very successfully.
  5. Kingdom of dreams: This particular place is situated near the leisure Valley in Gurugram and is the ultimate entertainment destination for individuals. This concept has been specifically designed with the motive of intent and displaying the rich Indian culture by the means of majestic structure very successfully. Besides this blended architecture, this particular place is also very much successful in terms of providing people with the Nautanki Mahal which is the auditorium that showcases the fanciful cinematic musicals along with several kinds of entertainment shows in the industry. This place very well includes the Indian and international theatre and helps in providing people with the opportunity of enjoying the dedicated Indian culture very successfully.
  6. Connaught Place: This particular place is very much important and is set in the heart of the national capital which is Popularly known as CP. This is one of the most expensive commercial markets in the world and is very much popular for thousand of different kinds of showrooms of national as well as international brands, luxury hotels and the flea market. Jantar Mantar, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib and other associated places are very nearby to this particular place and this is a very much important commercial area in the whole of India.
  7. Snow World: This particular place is located in the DLF Mall of India Noida. This is the largest indoor snow park in Asia and very well features ice skating and sledging. This particular place is spread over an area of 6000 m² and is based upon a team of real snowfield Wonderland. This particular place very well provides people with mesmerising interiors along with an unimaginable scope of activities so that park will be able to maintain the -10° of chilly weather without any kind of issue. The ticket price of this particular place is Rs.1150 and the nearest metro station in sector 18 Noida.
  8. Qutub Minar: This particular place is a 73 m tall minaret and the tower is consisting of five distinct tapering stories within the first three stories of the masterpiece there will be Redstone and the fourth and fifth are constructed in marble and stands on respectively. This particular place is very much popular across the entire nation and is known as the pride of the city of Delhi.
  9. Lotus Temple: This particular place is very well-known for its unique architectural design and is a place of worship which is directly dedicated to harmony and humidity. Inspired by the flower of lots the temple will be including 27 freestanding marble-clad petals and is surrounded by sprawling Gardens as well as pounds.

Hence, visiting the city of Delhi and planning the visit to all the above-mentioned points is very much important for individuals. Apart from this Planning to stay in Le Meridien Delhi is a very great idea and is very much advisable throughout the process so that everybody can have the best-in-class experience in the city of Delhi without any kind of inconvenience.

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